Your New Favorite Workout Diary

A simple workout diary that simply works

Calendar Explorer

Summarize each Day

Shows exercises, bodyweight, and pictures all in one plane

See what you've Logged

See which days you've logged exercises, bodyweight, and pictures

View Clients' Diaries

Easily switch between your diary and your clients' diaries

Plan Exercises

Plan Ahead

Prepare weight, number of sets & reps, and other features like set & rest duration

Visual Exerise Directory

Search exercises by name or muscles used, accompanied by images and videos of each exercise

Block Programming

Plan entire Blocks of Programming you can reuse for you and your clients

Log Exercise Performance

Detail Performances

Log when you did each exercise, how many sets & reps you did, and how difficult it was

Add Videos

Embed YouTube or Google Drive videos of your sets

Notes and Feedback

Add details for before and after your exercises to note for next time you perform that exercise

Track Bodyweight

Add Multiple Bodyweights a Day

Set a single bodyweight per day, or add multiple bodyweights, including timestamps and context of each weight change (e.g. drinking water or bowel movements)

Visualize Bodyweight Fluctuations

View your bodyweight fluctuate throughout the day as you eat, drink, and use the restroom, as well as decline over time from exhaling Carbon Dioxide

Withings Scale Integration

Connect your Withings account to automatically log weight and bodyfat

Upload Pictures

Post up to 3 Angles per Day

Upload pictures from the front, side, and back

View Bodyweight alongside Pictures

Bodyweight is displayed alongside pictures if tracked.

Visualize Progress

Toggle Exercise Features

Choose which exercise features to graph (top set, number of reps, difficulty, etc)

View Bodyweight Progress

View your Bodyweight over time and correlate it with performance

Coach Clients

Persons 18+ and older in the United States can coach other users on Repsetter

Custom Subscription Pricing

Set your own prices for each client, charging more for your more demanding clients.

Automatic Billing

Clients get charged automatically every month for your coaching.

5% Flat fee

We take 5% of Coaching Subscription payments to keep this website running.